IBIC Sendirian Berhad’s vision was based on the intensive study & survey on the spending power, customer preferences as well as the numbers of existing mineral water in Brunei Darussalam.

The study has shown a satisfactory level of public awareness toward healthy drinking water, whilst the survey provided information on the availability of natural resources locally. These findings were even more encouraging by looking at the strong support from His Majesty’s government support, particularly The Ministry of Industry which is opening the opportunity to the public to participate in Brunei Darussalam local industries development.


As the permission to utilize the water (natural) resources within the area of Kampung Lumut Km. 80 Sungai Liang, Seria, Kuala Belait was given by The Ministry of Industry - This is where the first Pure Artesian Water factory was built in Brunei Darussalam.

The factory, equipments and production machineries building and installation was started in early February 1991. The whole infrastructure was completed within 6 (six) months, thus, IBIC Sendirian Berhad and the production of mineral water in Brunei Darussalam was officially launched on 22nd of August 1991 at Sheraton Hotel.