Question 1
How can I subscribe to SEHAT gallon along with the dispenser?


  1. For residential or business first time user, minimum of two bottles per month.

  2. Pay the deposit for empty bottles amounted to $20/bottle (only for those without any bottles yet). The bottle deposit will be returned upon cancellation of subscription or the amount can be deducted from the monthly bill.

  3. Price List
    Water Only - 5 Gallon (19Litres) = $10/Bottle
    Deposit For Bottle = $20/Bottle
    Plastic Cup - 1 Roll (50)pcs = $2.50/Roll

    Hot & Cold Dispenser

    1. Purchase - Type Linea = $350

    2. Purchase - Type Linea = $375

    3. Ceramic Jug = $50/unit

    4. Wooden Stand for Ceramic Jug = $30/unit


Question 2
Is it true that medicine cannot be consumed with SEHAT water?

Lately, rumors have been circulating that ozone contained in SEHAT product will oxidate the ingredients contained in the medicine. We need to clarify that this statement is not true. SEHAT as the pioneer and market leader in the bottled water industry is giving the outmost concern to consumerís need.

Ozone or O3 is an effective, natural disinfectant which is used worldwide in the bottled water industries. Ozone is a gas and produced in nature when lightnings occur during heavy rains, where oxygen (O2) is transformed into ozone (O3). Ozone is not stable and will be disintegrated into O2 and single O or O nascens. These O nascens will form oxygen again according to following reaction:

O3 -------> O2 + O
O3 -------> O2 + O
O + O ----> O2(=oxygen)

It is these O nascens that have a disinfecting property.

In the SEHAT plants ozone is produced by an ozone generator where oxygen is transformed into Ozone by high voltage (20.000 volts) electrical sparks.

Ozone is added to the water before filling and will gradually become oxygen again after some time. The time needed depends on the temperature of the water. The higher the temperature, the shorter the time. In Indonesia the average time is 6 hours. This means that about 6 hours after production all the ozone in the product will become oxygen.

In other words all SEHAT products in the market have no ozone anymore, but instead have somewhat more oxygen which will add to the freshness of SEHAT.


Question 3
How do you maintain the gallon 5-bottle to remain hygienic and sterile?

SEHAT guarantees the hygiene of all its 5-gallon bottles. They have to go through a modern and sophisticated sanitation process before they leave the production plant. However, many things could happen before they reach your door. So, in the end, the most critical maintenance is the one at your homes. However as a long as you follow the installation and maintenance procedures, the water quality should be well maintained.

Step by-step installation

  • Clean the bottle with soft, dampened cloth.
  • Leave it to dry.
  • Wipe it with a clean and dry cloth to make sure there is no dust or dirt left.
  • Remove cap and wipe its top and neck with the sanitizing tissue that comes with the bottle.
  • Install the bottle (please, do not touch the neck).

Care and maintenance tips

  • Put the cap back ont the empty bottle.
  • Use the 5-gallon bottle for SEHAT water only.
  • Keep the bottle away from markers, spray paint or any similar chemical substances.
  • Do not expose the 5-gallon bottle to heat, direct sun light or rain.
  • Always store the bottle on a flat surface.
  • Do not put anything into or on top of the installed bottle. This may contaminate its content.
  • Avoid strong odorous substances like durian, peetroleum, oil, paint/thinner, camphor, diesel fuel, medicine, perfume, etc.
  • Do not place the bottle on uncovered soil, grass or other damp spots to avoid dirt.
  • Do not wash empty bottles. Simply put the cap back on the bottle and return it to SEHAT distributor.

Question 4
What can we do when the quality of SEHAT we purchase is unsatisfactory?

SEHAT puts its highest concern in delivering the best quality of bottled water from the source to the consumerís hands. Please contact us immediately should you purchase an unsatisfactory quality of SEHAT water that give off an odor; turbid, or foaming. We will collect your complaint and send our lab officer to your place to check the waterís quality immediately. We will also take the water as a sample to be tested properly in our lab and to inform you as soon as we got the result. So please keep the SEHAT in its original packaging to be checked by our officer.

Please do contact us for further queries regarding SEHATís water quality that you purchase at:

Head Office


No. 4, Block A, Taman Alam, Kampung Beribi,
Jalan Telanai BE1118, Negara Brunei Darussalam



265 0282 / 3 / 4 / 5



265 0286



Spg. 192, KM 80,
Kg Sumgai Tali, Lumut, Seria KC3135
Kuala Belait