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Thanks for the information. Facing with this matter as you raise up, we are regret about that incident. It is true that we have to always be alert and careful in making our choice for the sake of our health. First of all, we would like to know: Is the analysis done on the result of water testing accurate? Is the testing carried out in special laboratory or in your office by simply using a tool?
Based on our knowledge, usually, the common tool use to analyze water is Electrolysis Tool, which is a tool used for conductor testing, not to test the quality of water. However, this tool is used by certain authorities to test water.
The color muddy green which looks like mud floating on water is the result of electrolysis process after the tool has been inserted in water. The 2 pictures below depicts a clearer explanation:
Picture 1:
Shows 2 beakers of different water: the beaker on the left is AQUA/SEHAT water and the one on the right is distilled water.
From our naked eye, these 2 beakers of water appear to have the same clearness. Then the electrolysis tool is dipped into both beakers of water. At the end of this electrolysis tool, there are 2 electrodes which are made from steel, one positive and one negative.

Picture 1
Picture 2:
After this electrolysis tool is lit with electric, in a few seconds, we will be able to observe the reaction which occurs in the 2 beakers. AQUA/SEHAT water appears cloudy, while the distilled water still remains clear.

Picture 2
The change in water is due to:

Mineral composition which differs in both waters: Like we all know distilled water (or H2O, in chemistry term which is Aquades) is water which does not contain any mineral (Mineral = 0mg/l) whereas Aqua is water containing mineral (Mineral > 100mg/l). As we all know, mineral is important nutrient in helping our body to function properly everyday.


Electrode which is released from the tool causes the cloudy water. The end of Electrode is made from steel which contains mineral. As water is a good conductor of electricity, therefore chemical reactions occurs when chemical elements jump from positive to negative. Or from one end of the electrode to another end of the electrode. As the jump occurs, the electrode causes the breakdown of water molecules in Aqua which releases the mineral into the water. So the method to test the water depends on the type of water being used. In this matter, we should be careful of the unhygienic process as this will cause 3 effects: physical effect, biological effect and chemical effect. Physical effect means water which has been filtered usually becomes cloudy or colored. Biological effect means the water still contain microorganism like worms or germs in the water. Chemical effects means the water contain danger traces of chemical elements which will deteriorate health (like mercury, or other sources of pollution.)

The above is our explanation, hope it benefits you all and always success. 


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