SEHAT Pure Artesian Water
Prime Quality Water, Practical, Convenient

SEHAT is sourced from an artesian water, located in a protected area in Sungai Liang. Processed through sophisticated filtration techniques, without chemical additives nor preservatives. Disinfected with Ozone, SEHAT is absolutely free from pathogenic bacteria and safe be used directly.

It contains the essential minerals needed by the human body in an ideal balance. Its quality meets the toughest standards ever set out for bottled drinking water i.e:

  • World Health Organization

  • International Bottled Water Association

Sehat is recommended for people of all ages to maintain health and stamina.



Complementary to the 5 Gallon bottles, Sehat provides dispensers Hot & Cold Electric Type.

Ideal for use in offices, factories, hospitals, sports centres or at home.

Also available is a neat looking artistic Ceramic Jug. We offer two ways to have Dispenser at your home/office:

  • Rental

  • Purchase

We deliver SEHAT Pure Artesian Water in 5 Gallon bottles to your address on automatic, pre scheduled basis.